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AudioCodes Voice.AI | Chatbot

Despite the technical advances, verbal communication remains the most effective method for a company to exchange with its customers or team members. On the other hand, chatbots have now proven their efficiency when it comes to improving businesses’ results by increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the number of incoming contacts that are redundant or repetitive.

According to a January 2019 survey conducted by, nearly 60% of U.S. adults say they have used voice search and 47% expect to increase usage this year. 

In this context, deploying what is now currently called voicebots, conversational robots that communicate through speech using natural language, makes a lot of sense.

Inbenta has launched Voice.AI bot capabilities powered by AudioCodes

Thanks to this new connector, Inbenta’s AI & NLP powered chatbots can be deployed on voice-based channels, simultaneously with messaging channels.

The voice-enabled enterprise chatbots deliver the same service as it does on text-based channels such as web, Facebook or SMS, but over traditional phone lines. With this integration, ‘voicebots’ and ‘chatbots’ converge, into a platform we call ‘omnibots’.

AudioCodes designs, manufactures and sells advanced Voice over IP solutions to global enterprises, medium and small businesses as well as to service providers globally.

Thanks to this integration, Inbenta offers its prospects and existing customers a way to leverage it's innovative symbolic AI on voice-based channels, providing businesses an important competitive advantage over having to fragment the development of intelligent self-service systems on different technologies.