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Genesys | Chatbot

Provide better, faster customer experiences and greater self-service support with chatbots. Let bots take the first queries and free up customer service agents to focus on more complex tasks. When a conversation needs to be escalated to a Genesys live chat, automated chatbots know when to transfer the interaction, along with the full conversational context. The common escalation trigger includes the user requesting to be connected to an agent or the bot can automatically offer connecting with an agent when there are x consecutive unanswered user questions or if the Bot Master decides a particular topic needs a chat with a human agent. 

This app, an integration between Inbenta & Genesys brings Inbenta's AI platform with its industry-best NLU, which comprehends customer intent, promoting a high self-service rate along with letting the user definitely get the question answered by connecting with an agent logged in Genesys. 

Live Chat
Chat with Agent
Agent Chat